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The business plan: this is how to start your own playground or trampoline park!

Relaxed playing, for parents and children

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ELI Play advises you at the start of your own leisure business

Often when visiting a trampoline park or an indoor playground, the idea is born to start your own interesting business model. But how do you start something like that and what are the first steps? Looking for property, assessing the location, investment costs, personnel policy, IT solutions, playground equipment, return on investment?

First of all, you should have a watertight business plan. Documents of a tax adviser are not sufficient. A complete offer is required, which is drawn up with specific knowledge of the sector. ELI Play is happy to help you start your own leisure business.

It all looks perfect in your mind: children playing, running around and climbing everywhere, while parents relax and enjoy a cappuccino. On the other side of the hall, young people venture onto a trampoline for some cool acrobatic moves. Next to the trampolines, a girl makes one and a half somersaults with a twist and lands safely on the mat. Wonderful dreams, but reality looks different. There are many puzzle pieces that have to fall into place if a project like an indoor playground or a jump arena is to be realized. There is little room for dreams, only the facts count. If you knock on the bank's door to inquire about financing, you must be able to provide a ready-made business plan.

Searching for the perfect location

First and foremost comes the search for the perfect location. Is the building suitable, what about the infrastructure, the height of the ceilings, fire safety, sanitary facilities, catering concept, accessibility, energy supply and the application for permits? Many things have to be sorted out in order to draw up a business plan, says Jochen Herrmann, owner of the JO!Consult and consultant at ELI Play Germany. "It is very important to carry out a demographic survey in advance in the region that qualifies for you. Are there enough families with children living in the area? How quickly can these potential customers get to the planned location? Am I going to focus on an indoor playground? Or is it useful to expand my target group by adding the trampoline park business model?

Make a choice that really suits you.

Jochen Herrmann, JO! Consult, business advisor for ELI Play Germany

Jochen Herrmann

The size of the property - a matter of concept

Location is one thing. Then other things have to be sorted out: What does the building look like that fits your plans? How many square meters do you need for a trampoline park or playground? Is there already a suitable building or is a new construction the best solution? "A trampoline centre has very specific requirements for a building. That's why we can assist our clients in the construction or renovation of a building if they wish," says Jochen Herrmann.

"A varied mix of activities is recommended, but if you realize that consistently, you will soon need several thousand square metres," Andreas Fleischer adds. In his position he has focused on indoor play structures, with all innovations and safety-relevant aspects. Andreas Fleischer has represented ELI Play for more than fifteen years and his customers can benefit from his extensive experience.

In any case, a well thought-out mix of activities is recommended.

Andreas Fleischer, sales manager Germany at ELI Play Germany

Detailed questions and the right answers

Slowly but surely your plans take shape. All issues concerning the location and the property are clear. Now you can start thinking about the details and discuss them with your advisor.

Of course, this also includes admission fees. What can you ask your customers and are the prices competitive in this market? You also need to consider what to do with entrance fees for children and supervisors, or groups and people with disabilities. In addition, your business plan must include all necessary investments and the corresponding depreciation. These vary from software and hardware, marketing, kitchen equipment and playground equipment to sound, decoration and housing costs.

Andreas Fleischer and Jochen Herrmann

You obviously also need staff. The number of staff must be adapted to the relevant concept, whereby a distinction should be made between temporary and permanent staff. A division into days and hours must be made in a personnel policy plan. Other points are: insurance and additional costs and a strong marketing plan.

A three-year plan that is divided into quarterly results, taking into account seasonal fluctuations, all cost and revenue items and the resulting operating result. This, together with a corresponding liquidity plan, gives every investor and financial institution sufficient certainty about the planning, according to advisor Jochen Herrmann.

And: "All products must guarantee commercial success, which means that quality, innovation and safety are my and therefore also ELI Play's first priority," Andreas Fleischer adds.

Need advice?

We are happy to support you with the opening of your own indoor playground or trampoline park. Here you will find all information about the steps you have to take to open your own play park. We are happy to assist you in the design and production of your park with our expertise. Call us at 00421 2 262 260 40 or send an e-mail to

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