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How will a trampoline park fit within a space?


NASA studied the g-forces a trampoline jumper experiences.

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Which G-forces experiences a trampoline jumper?

NASA studied the g-forces a trampoline jumper experiences. Conclusion: jumping on a trampoline is healthier than running and safer than being a fighter pilot.

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The forces of a trampoline jumper

The g-force experienced by trampoline jumpers is between 1 and 4 g. Jumping up and down results in circa 2 g. Performing tricks such as summersaults generates circa 3.5 g. The force is evenly distributed across the ankles, lower back and forehead. As a result, the risk of injury is lower than if you were running. Because of the “vertical” forces, you use less oxygen, which means the heart does not have to work as hard as during a run. An untrained human can withstand a force of 7 g for around 15 seconds, but there is no limit to one’s capacity for trampoline jumping.

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