How does Gymeyes video work?

Gymeyes Video is a video system that allows visitors to easily record their own tricks and share their tricks on social media. By clicking on the start button, visitors can start recording, meanwhile the iPad will give them a few seconds to get ready. Once they finished their tricks, the video is directly shown on the iPad. Users can see the video from multiple angles through the use of 2 high-end cameras. Visitors can also let the system auto generate a cool edit. This edit is a combination of the footage recorded, including music, effects & the logo of the park for ultimate branding.

Users can receive the video by email or text message, after which the visitors often post their tricks on social media. Moreover, users can authorize the park to share their video on social media. This creates interaction with their target group on social media and increases your online visibility.

Gymeyes In Trampoline Parks

Gymeyes Video is being added to trampoline parks as Parks can deliver a more impactful experience & visitors enjoy making videos of their stunts. In each park we discover the best place to add the video system. In most parks, the best attractions are the Foam pit, Air bag or High Performance trampolines since they have the most interaction.

Benefits of Gymeyes

Gymeyes gives every park the opportunity to test the product & first-hand experience the impact it can have on your park. The park owner receives a weekly update so that he / she can see how many people use the product and what the impact of the videos is on social media. As visitors share their videos online, a big chunk of their target audience will see the videos with the branding of your park. After the visit, visitors can watch the video over & over again & have a memory of visiting your park.

Add gymeyes to your trampoline park?

Do you want to add Gymeyes in your trampoline park? We are happy to inform you about the possibilities. Please contact our sales team at or +31 (0) 411 745 300.

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