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Jumping fun for all ages


Start your own playground together with Laurens

Happy days during the EAS in Amsterdam!

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“In no-time, entrepreneurs change from adults to children at ELI Play'”

The ELI Play sales team has been reinforced since 1 August by Laurens van de Vis. Laurens has 8 years of experience as a sales advisor in high quality school and street furniture and loves to make customers' dreams come true.

Every morning I wake up happy: another challenging day ahead with new meetings and ideas. Before I get into the car I think of the three highlights of this day; a customer visit at the office, discussing a new design with our designers and an appointment with a new entrepreneur. Then I drive to the ELI Play headquarters in Boxtel in 50 minutes.


Around 8:00 am I arrive at the office and start up my laptop in the open plan office. Various departments sit together here, including Sales and Design, so that we can help each other directly. I start by reading and answering my emails and list everything I'm going to do today.


Today at 10:00 a.m. an entrepreneur comes by who wants to start a trampoline park. Before arrival, I start preparing the conversation: I book a meeting room, put all the documentation in order and then walk to the Leisure Academy to start up all the innovative attractions. The ELI Play Leisure Academy is a space where we our customers experience a part of what we do, they experience what it is like to stand on a trampoline or climb a climbing wall!


The customers are here! I make sure they have a warm welcome, show them the office and walk on to the meeting room. A cup of coffee and a biscuit and we quickly move on to talking about the entrepreneur’s idea. Where do you want to go? Do you already have solid plans? And what about a suitable location? We share some thoughts and I give advice on how best to get started.

Then I tell about the working method of ELI Play, how we advise and relieve customers. What role do we play in the whole process of setting up a leisure park, and, of course, ask what the customer expects from us. It is a pleasant conversation and we’re immediately on the same page.


We then walk together to the Leisure Academy. They are very curious; I open the doors and they can’t believe what they’re seeing. Time to take off their shoes, put on jump socks and get on the trampoline! They start to laugh and are of course willing to play a game at the ValoJump. Both jump fanatically and go for a high score. In no time they change from adults to children. Unfortunately no high scores were achieved, but there was a lot of enthusiasm! We’ll send the video of the interactive game to their email addresses, so that they can watch it again later. We then continue to ValoClimb to look at the possibilities for an interactive climbing wall in their own trampoline park. I'll tell them how this concept came about and show them several games. The Leisure Academy really ensures fun and happiness.

The strength is that we look ahead to the future and in the Leisure Academy we showcase products with the WOW factor


We continue with the tour. I take them through all stages of the production process in our own factory. They are amazed at the amount of handiwork and the precision of developing the products. It is very labour-intensive, but that ensures that ELI Play can guarantee the quality. We then discuss a number of points and our joint plan of action. They loved the atmosphere at ELI Play, which resulted in a step towards intensive cooperation.

People have a dream that involves many risks and ELI Play is happy to support them in this

Laurens van de Vis - ELI Play


I have a nice lunch with my colleagues. Then I check my mail and phone and sit down with my colleagues from design. For a new project I explain what the customer's wishes are and what elements they would like to see reflected in the play structure. The designer starts working on it and will come up with a proposal in a few days' time.

Afterwards I prepare for an appointment on location with an entrepreneur. He has a concrete idea for a new playing structure.


I’m 10 minutes early for my appointment, but the customer sees me and wants to get started immediately. The owner of the world restaurant asks what the requirements are for the location, what is the ideal position for a play structure in this space? What is the possible height and width? Which elements fit in? I like to think along and gathered enough information to take a 3D concept with me to the next appointment.


I get into the car and drive home with the radio turned on while I recover from the day. At half past seven I come home to have a nice meal with my family.

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