3D theming playground equipment

We love to develop the most versatile playgrounds. The possibilities are endless! By adding 3D theming to your playground, you create a unique experience for visitors.

What is the added value of theming in a playground?

The look and feel of playground has evolved! A themed playground not only focuses on active play, but also on imaginative play. You step into a fairy tale world full of play equipment, ball pools, trampolines and slides. In a themed playground, children’s fantasies come to life!

The 3D objects and decorations take children to another world where they can use their creativity, imagination and storytelling talents. They experiences adventures in an underwater world with sharks, play like a pirate on a large pirate ship or imagine themselves in the Wild West! It is a fantastic experience that both children and parents will remember. This experience results in repeat visits, visitors who had a great day will become enthusiastic fans and recommend family and friends to visit your park.

Theming ideas for your indoor playground

We are happy to help you in developing a fantastic project. Our design team creates surprising designs for your indoor playground, kids corner or family entertainment centre. Below you will find a selection of images of our realised projects with 3D Theming.

3D theming indoor playground
3D theming - Factory theme
3D themed indoor playground
3D themed playground equipment - factory theme
Themed indoor playground - Fairy tale and pirate theme
Themed playground - Fairy tale theme
playground fairy tale theming
Themed playground - Fairy tale theme
Themed play equipment - jungle
Themed kids trampolines - Jungle theme
Indoor playground with theming
Themed playground - factory theme
Indoor playground 3D theming - Wild West theme
Indoor playground 3D theming - Wild West theme
Indoor playground 3D themed - Western thema
Indoor playground 3D themed - Western thema
Playground with ocean theme
3D themed Ship - ocean theme
Indoor playground - factory style
Indoor playground - factory theme

Would you like to know more about 3D theming?

Of course, there are more possibilities than shown in the examples on this page. Are you curious about what ELI Play can do for you by developing a playground with theming? Please contact our sales team at info@eliplay.com or +31(0)411 745 300 to discuss the possibilities.


Call +31 (0)411 745 300

Do you want to know more about theming?

Call +31 (0)411 745 300

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