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Relaxed playing, for parents and children

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Do ELI Play’s Enterprise Test

Your own indoor playground. Making plans, finding a suitable place, and then decorating things nicely and looking for customers. You can decide it all yourself, because as an independent entrepreneur you are the boss. Are you fit for the job though? Do you have 'what it takes' to make your company a success? Take the test and be sure.

1: Do you already have insight into the finances/costs of starting up your business?

A. I already have a business plan. What’s next?
B. The appointment at the bank/lender is planned.
C. I don't know where to start.
D. The bank has promised me an amount I can borrow.
Why is this important? Setting up and possibly building your playground costs a lot of money. If you have no or insufficient own resources of your own, you are dependent on a bank or another lender. Make sure you are well prepared and draw up a thorough business plan.

2: Have you thought of a location?

A. I have a suitable property in mind.
B. Location? I have not thought about that at all.
C. I have already rented or bought property.
D. That will come later; there is enough available.
Why is this important? For a trampoline park or indoor playground, the location is the most important thing. There are quite a few obstacles and difficulties to it. Think of things like floor space, accessibility, zoning plan and permits. Also check in advance whether there are enough families with young children living in the region where you want to set up your business.

3: How creative are you?

A. I know how to shape my vision.
B. I used to be pretty good at drawing, but I hardly work at it anymore.
C. I have the most fantastic ideas every day.
D. I like to leave creativity to others.
Why is this important? You should think carefully about the layout of your indoor playground or trampoline park. But the company must also be findable for customers. How are you going to approach your target group? What kind of plans do you think of to attract and retain customers? These are all things for which you need to appeal to the creative part of your brain. Tip: brainstorming with several people is not only fun, it also often produces good ideas. Don't do everything alone!

4: What about your sense of hospitality?

A. I love people and have patience even with troublesome children. The more the merrier.
B. People can whine quite a lot, I'm done quickly.
C. I prefer to see as few people as possible.
D. My hospitality depends on my mood.
Why is this important? Just like in the catering industry, hospitality is paramount in the world of indoor playgrounds. You want guests - adults and children - to feel welcome and you have to be friendly with everyone. Even if you feel off on certain days.

5: Do you dare to take risks and can you deal with financial uncertainty?

A. It is only money. I don't care at all.
B. I prefer to take as little risk as possible. I lie awake at night worrying about it.
C. I want to be sure I can pay my mortgage at the end of the month.
D. As long as I can pay the salaries of the staff and other costs.
Why is this important? If you don't dare to take risks, then entrepreneurship becomes a difficult story. A real entrepreneur has guts and takes risks. Especially when starting up your business, it can take a while before it picks up. And during a hot summer everyone’s hanging at a beach and there is little climbing or jumping on trampolines inside. Not everyone is equally resistant to this financial uncertainty.

6: Are you a good leader?

A. Sometimes I prefer to do something myself rather than asking someone.
B. I have no problem with that. I am the boss.
C. I am critical and can make it perfectly clear what I want. I am always open to good suggestions.
D. I am good at dealing with people and therefore also with my employees. It’s not what you say, but how you say it.
Why is this important? You can't do everything alone and so you will have to hire personnel for your company, people with their own ideas and opinions. You have to manage this as well as possible and it is important to ask yourself whether this suits you.

7: Are you a go-getter?

A. I'm at my best when things don't go as expected.
B. Bad luck and setbacks make me grumpy.
C. If things don't go the way I want them to, I try something else quickly.
D. It's no fun when things aren’t going the way you want them to, but I do everything I can to achieve my goal.
Why is this important? Every entrepreneur has to deal with setbacks: a sudden water leak in your newly opened trampoline park, an employee who reports sick for a long period of time. Anything can happen. But these kinds of setbacks are also opportunities to show what kind of entrepreneur you are.

8: Do you know the needs of your potential customer?

A. I will do research into that as soon as I have found a location.
B. Is that necessary? People will come anyway, won't they?
C. If the children have fun, I think people will soon find it good.
D. I know exactly what the people and children in my region are looking for.
Why is this important? It has already been said: carry out demographic research in your region beforehand to find out how well your target group - for example young families - is represented. If you have plans for a trampoline park or other activities, check which companies may already be active in your region.

9: What will you do to put your company on the map?

A. I will do research into that as soon as I have found a location.
B. I have an extensive marketing plan ready.
C. Good question, I haven't thought about that very much yet.
D. A nice website is sufficient.
Why is this important? Of course people in your region need to know what your business has to offer. You can partly achieve that with a good website, but you can do much more. Think of newsletters, advertising on social media and in local daily or weekly newspapers, a brochure with some brief information and for example signage around your location. You can also close deals with entrepreneurs who offer similar activities.

10: How will you distinguish yourself from your competitors?

A. As far as I know, there is no competition in my region.
B. I know exactly what the competition does and where there is room for improvement.
C. I don't know, is that important?
D. Together with my employees, I'm just going to build the best company in the region.
Why is this important? People are always looking for something new and appreciate it when you take a different approach. A small gift for the kids at departure, free ticket at a competition, staff with a funny outfit; it's the little things that do it.

11: Are you a bit curious and eager to learn?

A. I'm exactly up to date with the latest developments and do everything I can to make my company even better and more fun.
B. I always go to network get-togethers to hear the latest news from the neighbourhood.
C. No, I already know everything.
D. I try to follow trends, but I don't have enough time for that. Trends will pass again too.
Why is this important? An entrepreneur is curious and wants to know everything that is happening in his region. You closely follow developments in your sector and where possible you take steps to take commercial advantage of them. Or you follow a course or workshop to acquire new knowledge and skills. Keep developing yourself; that is the secret of a successful entrepreneur.

12: Have you set clear financial goals?

A. I approximately know what the turnover should be to outweigh the costs.
B. I don't really know what to expect.
C. Together with the accountant I made a clear prognosis of the costs and benefits of my company.
D. No, can I already order my Porsche 911?
Why is this important? With a clear goal in mind, you know what to do to achieve that goal. This is called result-oriented working. Sometimes you need your perseverance to make that happen. As a good entrepreneur, you look after the pennies and keep a close eye on your operating costs. You know when it's time to invest and always have insight into how your company is doing financially. Also make a financial target for the longer term. A good accountant is actually indispensable.

13: What entrance fee will customers pay to enter?

A. I know the prices of competitors and I'm going to offer a slightly lower fee.
B. No idea, I'm not there yet.
C. I have all the exact prices in my head and will definitely work with subscriptions, party arrangements, etc.
D. Together with the accountant, I will look into that.
Why is this important? The entrance fees are decisive for the success and viability of your company. If you are too expensive, people stay away. But if the prices are too low, you can't pay your bills and staff. So you have to think carefully about it, including the price of sweets and a cup of coffee, for example.

14: Do you already have a name for your company?

A. Yes, but I'll keep it a secret for a while.
B. No, I don't think that's important yet.
C. I have a list of some possible names.
D. I'm working hard on that, but I haven't come up with a good name yet.
Why is this important? The name for your company is just as important as the right location and a clear website. A good name is short and concise and says something about what you do. This is also important for your online findability.
0 - 50 points

Are you sure that entrepreneurship suits you? A true entrepreneur is energetic and creative, has perseverance and sees opportunities where others are more likely to see pitfalls. Commercial insight, self-confidence, hospitality, flexibility; for an entrepreneur it is pleasant if you naturally possess these qualities. Maybe it's an idea to first work at an indoor playground? If you need some advice? Please do not hesitate to contact ELI Play via

50 - 100 points

You have it in you, but there is work to be done. Realize that it is important for an entrepreneur to distinguish himself from the rest. You don't want a company that merges into the masses. Think about how you can deviate from the beaten track and try to think a little more out-of-the-box. Make clearly defined plans and talk to people who can help you further or give you a boost. If you need some advice? Please do not hesitate to contact ELI Play via

100 - 180 points

You believe in yourself and are convinced that your company will be a success. In any case, you have the ambition and drive to get things up and running and a clear idea of how you are going to do it. Make a business plan if you haven't already done so. You certainly need that to apply for financing. Do you have any questions? Please contact us via

180 points or more

What are you waiting for? Based on your answers, you look like a born entrepreneur. On to the Chamber of Commerce! With the registration in your hands the first step has been taken and you can continue to realize your dream. You believe in it! You should however seek advice on matters that you do not know as well. For example, find good partners for matters such as marketing and finance. Do you have any questions? Please contact us via

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