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Nora Remiarová (Buppi) on the 'playground-in-mall' concept

Europe has a large number of enthusiastic ELI Play pioneers. One of them is Buppi Detský Svet in Slovakia. Buppi Bory opened first in the country in 2012: 1,400 m2 indoor playground in the Bratislava Shopping Palace, including relaxation area and coffee corner. A golden formula, which will soon have its third spin-off.

Nora Remiarová, PR & Marketing Manager at Buppi Detský Svet, is proud of their successful pioneering work. "When we started here at the Shopping Palace, six years ago now, it was something completely new. Such a safe, challenging and educational indoor playground, in the middle of a large shopping mall; you couldn't find it anywhere else.

When we started here, it was something completely new

Nora Remiarová, Buppi Detský Svet

Very accessible

The public in Bratislava and the surrounding area immediately embraced the concept. Remiarová laughs with satisfaction: "It's also a nice combination: the children can play while the parents can relax while shopping, or enjoying a nice cup of coffee, a refreshing drink or a snack on the terrace. The terrace and the playground are directly connected, so parents can always keep an eye on their children. There is an entrance free for the children to the playground - with a weekend rate and a lower entrance fee during the week - but the terrace is freely accessible, also for other visitors. This gives a very accessible atmosphere.

Playground Buppi Bory

Success formula

The formula of a playground in an indoor shopping centre, executed in high quality with ELI Play playground equipment, was an immediate success. Remiarová: "Such a beautiful and safe playground for children simply didn’t exist in Bratislava. Yes, small playgrounds with a slide and some equipment! We were sure that the market offered room for more. We came up with the idea of a place that would combine everything: entertainment for the children and relaxation for parents and other visitors. Where you can go in any season, even in bad weather, and where you will find a cosy, welcoming environment - the complete package.

An indoor playground is guaranteed to attract more people to the shopping centre

Nora Remiarová, Buppi Detský Svet

Second branch

Within two years of the first playground, Buppi Detský Svet opened a second branch in 2014. Again in a large shopping centre: the Bory Mall, also in Bratislava. Remiarová and her team took a big step extra: they not only kept it indoor, but also created a large outdoor playground, including trampolines, bouncy castles, a cable car, slides and much more. Based on their previous experiences, they also chose for the quality, reliability and service of ELI Play. "They are our only contract partner for all constructions and playground equipment, for both centres. There is a reason for that!”

Well played

The growth continues. Buppi is now setting up a third Family Entertainment Centre in Bratislava - again with ELI Play - this time in the Avion Shopping Park. Before the end of 2018 Remiarová hopes to open the doors. "That's how we playfully expand our market, although it sounds simpler than it is," she laughs. "It remains a tough job to complete all the paperwork, permits and contracts for a new location like this. You have to keep going, especially if people still don't know the phenomenon well. ”

The latter was especially true the first time. In that sense, this third one is a piece of cake: "When we started, we had no idea what was going to happen to us and we had to explain everywhere exactly what we were planning to do. We learned a lot in a short time. Now, it’s very helpful that we have a clear story for the new Buppi Avion Shopping Park. And besides that: we still have - as we did then - a team that loves to tackle challenges and never gives up. In addition, we have more experience: we know what is needed and we have partners who know what they’re doing, including ELI Play. This makes everything smooth and easier.

Golden formula?

The rapid expansion suggests that Buppi Detský Svet has managed to tap a hole in the market. Is it a golden formula, playgrounds in shopping malls? Remiarová reacts modestly: "The concept of an indoor playground in a shopping centre is guaranteed to help attract more people to the shopping centres. We know that from the figures. As a shopping centre, you certainly want to have such a playground under your roof. Logical too: it is always nice to give your child the opportunity to play. Especially after a long day at school, or after doing the shopping. So yes, the combination with shopping centres works perfectly. ”

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