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HiT iT! arena and trampoline park Jumpsquare Eindhoven

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Recently, trampoline park Jumpsquare in Eindhoven opened its doors. Many people have heard of this park, but wat makes it so special? We asked Marvin, manager of Jumpsquare Eindhoven, to explain.

Trampoline parks are still very popular. Many popular influencers and YouTubers visit these parks and make videos that children and youth watch every day. This way, trampoline parks are getting a lot of attention these days. The youth love to let off steam in trampoline parks. Not only the youth can be found in these parks, but also younger children and older target groups like free runners, colleagues and friends. It is all about fun!

What makes this trampoline park unique?

The HiT iT! arena is definitely the attraction that makes our park unique. It is a new concept and people are always looking for something new. Visitors enter the park and they immediately see the HiT iT! arena, because of the lighting on all events; they get a wow-feeling.

In addition, Jumpsquare Eindhoven has a great location. It is located near a sports complex where you can find a climbing centre, bowling centre, sports fields, gyms and a school. There is a lot of activity in this area, so the main target group knows how to find us.

HiT iT! the interactive arena

HiT iT! is a new concept and I notice that children already love it! You can play the game as an individual, but you can also play a ‘battle’ with your friends and try to get the highest score. I believe that this game aspect will really be successful; everyone wants to get the best score. The high scores of the park remain visible on the scoreboard. The goal is to get your name on that list!

The Hit iT! game is challenging, you are constantly moving because of the variation of game elements. You will find events that require you to be a good climber and crawler, or to be good at keeping your balance. The mirrors of the ‘Reflect Refract’ will confuse players through the reflection. This event is totally different from the others, but it is a fun way of searching for targets. The HiT iT! arena offers so much variety in one course!

HiT iT! arena at Jumpsquare Eindhoven

Who visits Jumpsquare Eindhoven?

Our target audience is extremely diverse. We focus on the main target group of trampoline parks; children and youth between 7 and 16 years old. In addition we try to enthuse other groups by offering various activities, such as ‘Mini-jump’ and ‘Jumpscool’. The trampoline park offers special jump sessions for children under the age of 7 who come to jump together with their parents. For the youth, Disco-Jump sessions will be organised. Many jumpers will visit our park for children’s parties, company outings, school and club outings.

Many registrations for our ‘Jumpscool’ and ‘Jump Fit’ are coming in. Our own free runners will provide these lessons. All jumpers want to get better and learn new stunts and tricks. Children see their friends performing stunts on the trampolines and want to learn this too. We also receive bookings from adults for the jump lessons, they feel like children again when they step on the trampoline.

The innovative HiT iT! event attracts visitors from all over the country! There are bookings from various regions in the country. It is a unique event that keeps visitors coming back!

Trampoline park promotion

For the promotion of our park, we use various social media channels on which our main target group is active, such as TikTok. The new generation is growing up with influencers and they watch new videos online every day. A few influencers have already been to our park to test the HiT iT! arena. This results in a lot of new visitors!

The most important thing is that we give our visitors a great experience. This includes a friendly welcome, carefree jumping, good supervision and a great hospitality experience. We give our visitors a fantastic day, which they talk about later with friends and family. That is how we attract even more visitors; they arrive with a good feeling and leave feeling very satisfied and happy. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations!

Trampoline park Jumpsquare Eindhoven

Favourite Jump event

We expect that the Twister and ValoJump will become the favourite jump events. The Twister is a popular attraction because many visitors know this event from the popular TV show Wipe-out. It is a challenge that everyone would like to experience. The ValoJump is a popular attraction because the youth grew up with gaming. They love to combine sports and games.

Favourite HiT iT! event

Probably ‘Ballz’ will be the most popular HiT iT! attraction in our arena. That is because of the fun way of playing the game. You have to climb, keep your balance and in the mean time you have to search for the targets and hit them. It is a lot at the same time, especially when you are in the cage with multiple players. There is a big chance that you will fall between the balls, that makes it a super fun attraction!

The ‘Quadruple Drill’ catches the attention of the players immediately. The illuminated crawl tube is cool and eye-catching and invites players to search for targets in it. To earn points in this event, you can climb up the crawl tube, entering the climbing wall or climbing into the nets.

Once the park has been open for a while, we will see what our visitors’ favourite events are!

HiT iT! interactive game with targets

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