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What is a Family Entertainment Center (FEC)?

A Family Entertainment Center, often abbreviated as FEC in the leisure industry, is a small scale amusement park that includes a wide range of entertainment options that offers fun for visitors of all ages. Visitors can enjoy themselves all day long!

FECs offer entertainment for friends, families, teenagers or colleagues. Besides that, FECs are perfect for children’s parties!

A combination of activities

In family entertainment centers you find various activities including indoor playgrounds, trampolines, climbing walls, sport courses, HiT iT! Arenas, high rope courses, Laser tag games, Laser maze games, Glow in the Dark golf, bowling alleys, kart tracks and virtual games (VR and AR). Due to the various types of activities, the whole family can have fun; the younger children like to play in the playground, while teenagers prefer to jump on the trampolines or climb on various climbing walls.

The overall concept of a FEC makes a great experience for families to spend a day together. FECs are often not as expensive as large theme or amusement parks and visitors can decide when they visit the park, how long they stay and which activities they undertake.

Family entertainment centers installed by ELI Play

FECs are becoming increasingly popular. We have installed play and jump equipment at several Family Entertainment Centers;

  • Hupalupa

Hupalupa is located in a shopping mall in Istanbul. Both the indoor playground and the trampoline park are installed by ELI Play. Parents can go shopping while the children enjoy themselves in the leisure park all day long!

  • Mega Bounce & Mindocino

Mega Bounce & Mindocino (Mindoortainment) is a gigantic and innovative Family Entertainment Center in Minden (Germany) and offers fun for visitors of all ages. It consists of Mega Bounce, a trampoline park with a Ninja Course and HiT iT! Arena, and Mindocino, a colourfull playground with a Multi-Sport Arena and a toddler zone.


ELI Play has installed a trampoline park and children’s playground at UP2PLAY in France. A perfect location for families, because they offer activities for all age groups.

  • Loisi Flandres

At Loisi Flandres, we have installed an indoor play structure including a PowerTower, Rope bridges and a Climbing Volcano. In addition, we have developed a toddler zone for the little ones. All these zones are made in the theme of Flemish farm life.

  • KiddyDome – Swiss Family Center

KiddyDome is a gigantic activity park with a total area of 6,000m². The most spectacular event? The 60 metre long Donut Glider! Besides that, we have installed the trampoline park: Jumping Dome.

  • PEPA Funpark

An enormous Family Entertainment Center in Lennestadt: PEPA Funpark. It is not just an indoor playground, it is so much more! 3,000 m² with play equipment, trampolines and sport events.

  • Movin Park

Movin park Cernay has 6 different activities, a trampoline park, playground, toddler area, climbing wall, a jump tower with airbag and several interactive games. It's the perfect combination of attractions for the whole family to have a great day.

Family Entertainment Centers activities (FEC)

Would you like to know more about FECs?

Are you interested in starting your own FEC and would you like to know what ELI Play can do for you? We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities. We offer playground equipment, trampoline parks, sport courses and HiT iT!. So, you can create a perfect mix of events that offers fun for various age categories. You can contact us by mail or phone +31(0)411 745 300.

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