Mega Bounce and Mindocino

Everything you want under one roof! The gigantic and innovative Family Entertainment Center in Minden offers fun and adventure for visitors of all ages. It consists of Mega Bounce, a trampoline park with a Ninja Course and HiT iT! Arena, and Mindocino, a colourful indoor playground with a Multi-Sport Arena and toddler zone, and of course a catering area.

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Gigantic Family Entertainment Center

The Family Entertainment Center is beyond your expectations! Mega Bounce is 1,600 m² and Mindocino is no less than 1,500 m². It is clear that there is enough to do for visitors in this park to enjoy themselves for a whole day!

Trampoline park Mega Bounce

The trampoline park offers everything for the perfect jump and sports experience! In this park you will find a Jump Arena, Twister, High Performance trampolines, Walk Wall, Battle Beam, Rolling Barrel, Foam pits and Airbags. The most impressive attractions are centrally located: the Trapeze, Jump Tower and double Ninja Course! This is the first two-storey Ninja Course installed by ELI Play.
You will also find several interactive attractions in the trampoline park, such as a double ValoJump, ValoClimb, High-9 Duo, WallRider and the spectacular HiT iT! Arena.

HiT iT! Arena

Mega Bounce Minden is the first trampoline park in Germany with a HiT iT! Arena. The game is innovative and challenging. HiT iT! is an interactive obstacle course where players search for targets. Using an RFID bracelet, they scan the targets and earn points.

The arena consists of six attractions, including the Road to Victory, where players have to run up the sloping wall to hit the targets. The Slope Rope, Quadruple Drill, T-Tandrum and Rope Rumble are all about speed and climbing skills. The eye-catching Ballz is an event where players have to climb on the big balls and try to keep their balance to earn points. After 20 minutes, the game ends and scores appear on the scoreboard. On this, players can see if they have beaten their friends and maybe even got a high score!

Indoor playground Mindocino

You rarely see an indoor playground as colourful as Mindocino! All the walls are decorated with wall paintings of different movie characters. The playground equipment and the catering facilities are also super colourful and cheerful!

There is plenty to do in the playground! For children aged 4 to 12, you will find a large play structure with different events. Children can climb in the PowerTower, jump on the trampolines, slide down the various slides or the Donut Glider and ride in the Bumper Cars. We also installed a Kids Ninja Course, the perfect attraction for children to run, climb and jump. For groups or team challenges, the Multi-Sport Arena is a great event. This is equipped with an Airtrack and interactive targets in the goals, allowing children to play a game of football or shoot penalties. In addition, there are two interactive games that can be played with duos: the iWall and Cardiowall.

Toddler zone

A separate toddler zone has been set up for the youngest children aged 0 to 3, where they discover the world while playing. In this area, they can play quietly in the mini play structure, in the ball pit, on the trampolines or with the various soft play elements, such as the playhouse and the rocker.

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