High Performance trampolines in your park

Make your trampoline park even more extreme with the High Performance trampolines. These trampolines are made for the more experienced jumpers. The High Performance trampolines have special jump sheets and springs that allow the jumpers to jump even higher and stay in the air longer. This experience will give you a real adrenaline kick!

The High Performance trampolines can be placed as a separate attraction or in combination with a Walk Wall, offering vertical and horizontal jumping. A freestanding High Performance makes the jumper jump vertically. The Walk Wall will only allow you to jump horizontally on the trampolines, so you can walk against the wall.


The High Performance trampolines contain special jump sheets and springs that allow the jumper to jump higher.


The High Performance trampolines can be placed as a freestanding attraction in a trampoline park or combined with a Walk Wall.


For the safety of the jumpers, the fall zone on High Performance trampolines has been extended and the trampolines have been provided with extra thick padding. Supervision of the High Performance trampolines is mandatory. The High Performance trampolines are recognized by a cross on the jump sheet.


The High Performance trampolines need regular maintenance, both at the top and bottom of the trampoline. The jumping surfaces must be checked for damage and cracks and the springs underneath the trampoline must be checked.

More information on the High Performance trampolines

If you’re wondering whether the High Performance trampolines are an asset to your park, feel free to contact our sales department. We will gladly give you some personal advice.

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  • Vinyl available in 16 colours
  • Often deliverd in combination with a walk wall
  • Zložená z materiálov absorbujúcich náraz, ktoré zvyšujú bezpečnosť
  • Dohľad je potrebný
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