A Ninja parkour specially designed for children.

Children love to play and climb in the playground! We have developed the Kids Ninja Course especially for children. This parkour consists of various challenging elements. Children can test their agility and perseverance. A perfect addition for your indoor playground or Family Entertainment Centre!

Kids Ninja Course of ELI Play

The Kids Ninja Course is a popular event in indoor playgrounds! The ninja course challenges children to climb, clamber, run and jump. The will become real mini ninjas! The goal is that children climb over all obstacles and reach the finish line.

Ninja course obstacles

This obstacle course consists of elements such as crawl tubes, angled decks and jumper balls that children have to jump over. They have to climb over various rope bridges. By keeping their balance and using the right skills, the ninjas can reach the other side of the bridges.

Kids ninja course with timer system!

To make this ninja adventure even more exciting, we offer the possibility to add a timer system to the Ninja Course. It is possible to add a single or double timer system. A double timer system can be installed on Ninja courses with 2 lanes, allowing players to compete against each other!


The Kids Ninja Course consists of the same construction as our play structures. A sturdy 48.3 millimetre tubular frame, covered with soft materials. The Ninja course can be integrated in a play structure or installed as a stand-alone event.


ELI Play’s play devices are designed in compliance with the EN 1176-10 standard. This is the European regulation used for the certification of play devices.

Expand your playground or FEC with a Ninja Course!

This event is perfect as an extension of an existing playground or FEC. Why? It offers your visitors a totally new experience! Children love to discover something new every time they visit a playground. The Kids Ninja Course offers challenge and fun!

Ninja Course for teenagers and adults

Looking for a more exciting obstacle course? We also design and produce Ninja courses for teenagers and adults. You will find our Ninja courses in almost all of our trampoline parks. This Ninja parkour contains challenging obstacles and can be installed above a Foam pit, Airbag or decks.

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  • Designed in compliance with the EN1176-10 standard
  • Vinyl available in 16 colours
  • Integration in play structure or as stand-alone event
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