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10 ideas to attract more visitors to your playground or trampoline park

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How do you attract more visitors to an indoor playground or trampoline park?

A successful playground or trampoline park attracts a large number of visitors and realises a good turnover. In this article we share 10 tips for attracting more visitors.

1. Brand awareness

Building brand awareness starts even before the park opens. We share three ways to create brand awareness:

  • Make sure your target audience is informed about the opening of your playground or trampoline park. For example, place ads in local newspapers, visit entrepreneurs and companies in the area, create posters and flyers to attract attention at schools and (sports) associations.
  • Create a good website with all information about your park.
  • Organize a great opening. Invite your family, friends and relations. They will tell other people about your park.

2. First Impression

Creating a strong first impression is all about focusing on the customers. What kind of experience do you want your visitors to have when they enter the park? You can think of colours and themes. Happy colours for a playground and cool colours for a trampoline park. Besides that, it is possible to add a theme in your park. We offer equipment with various themes, such as jungle, pirates, ocean and farm or you can create a park with your own theme!

3. Safety

Of course, a safe and well-kept park is very important. By regularly checking the structure and carrying out maintenance, the equipment will remain in good condition, which ensures a fun and safe environment for your visitors. In order to create a good and safe impression towards your customers, ensure that supervisors are always present and add safety instructions at the entrance and on all attractions.

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4. Lounge for parents

Create a seating area for parents/supervisors where they can eat and/or drink while their children play. Parents will have a great time, if they can relax, drink a good coffee and eat a sandwich, cake or other snack. You can also add Wifi and power points for visitors to use in this area.

5. Happy employees

Your employees are one of your biggest assets! Visitors will appreciate it when they receive a friendly welcome at the entrance. They will have a fantastic experience when they are helped by well trained, friendly and hard-working employees.

6. Great service

Providing a great service ensures satisfied visitors. You can think of the following factors:

  • An employee at the counter who is always present to welcome visitors.
  • Support parents/supervisors at children’s parties. For example, preparing the birthday table before visitors arrive.
  • Fast service at the reception and lounge area.

7. Gift cards

Another way to encourage visitors to come back is by offering gift cards. This is an effective way to draw attention to your business, especially to customers who may fall out of your target audience. So, they bring new visitors who may never considered attending a trampoline park or playground in the first place.

8. Events and theme days

It is always fun to organize an event in a playground or trampoline park. For example, organize sports tournaments during the Olympic Games, a Halloween night, a summer party or Disco event. In addition, trampoline parks often collaborate with sport clubs, such as gymnastic clubs or gyms.

9. User-friendly ticket system

Most trampoline parks use an online ticket system, which enables customers to buy tickets in advance. To make this process as simple as possible for the customers, it is important that the system works easily and quickly.

10. Trends

Trends change over time. It is possible to renew your park by making small adjustments. For example, add new elements to your playground or expand your trampoline park after a few years.

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