HiT iT! interactive tag arena

HiT iT! is the new interactive game from ELI Play! The game offers challenge, excitement, competition and entertainment!

The game operates on an Android system, which allows us to develop different games and options. We have developed two variants of HiT iT!: HiT iT! arenas and HiT iT! for kids.

HiT iT! for playgrounds, trampoline parks FECs and sports venues

HiT iT! is an interactive tag arena consisting of various events with integrated targets. Players earn points by scanning these targets with their unique HiT iT! RFID wristband. The goal is to score as many points as possible within the pre-set time.

HiT iT! for kids can be integrated in all play structures, from small to large structures and even in existing play structures! We have developed several game options, such as a memory game and a team game.

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