HiT iT for playgrounds

HiT iT! for kids is an interactive game to stimulate movement and to transform your (existing) playground into a new experience. The game promotes exercise, fun and competition. When the targets are positioned correctly, the players have to run, climb and crawl through the entire play structure to find and hit all the targets.

After finding and scanning the target, the result is stored on the RFID wristband and processed by the central computer and sent to the scoreboard. Our advice to you is that the players should buy the unique HiT iT! RFID wristband. In addition to the fact that players can take the wristband home as a nice souvenir, it also provides additional income.

HiT iT! hardware and software

The hardware consists of a server part including a touchscreen, computer, router and a POE switch. In addition, 10 targets are supplied as standard. These targets are connected to the POE switch by UTP cat6 cables. By using this POE system, power over ethernet, both power and data are passed through the UTP cables.

The software is developed by ELItronics, a sister company of ELI Play based in the head office of ELI Play. ELItronics also takes care of the further development, the maintenance, support and control of the software. Each HiT iT! game is connected to the ELItronics Cloud Server for remote maintenance, automatic updates and statistics.

Why HiT iT! for kids?

  • Generates fast ROI
  • Stimulates movement, fun and competition
  • Can be played individually as well as in a team
  • High value attraction, no extra space needed.
  • Attract new customers and take care that customers will come back
  • Full game system, software and hardware included.
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use and low maintenance.
  • Frequently updated with more games and applications.

Are you interested in the HiT iT! for kids game?

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of HiT iT! for your playground? We are happy to help you. Contact our sales team at info@eliplay.com or +31(0)411 745 300.

More information about HiT iT! arenas for FECs, trampoline parks and sports venues, take a look at the HiT iT! arena page.

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  • Interactive game
  • Various game options
  • HiT iT! RFID wristbands
  • 10 targets standard
Do you want to know more about HiT iT?

Call +31 (0)411 745 300

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