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HiT iT! New event ELI Play

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HiT iT! Provides challenge, excitement, competition and entertainment!

HiT iT! Arenas consist of various events with integrated targets. Challenge your friends and score as many points as possible.

What is HiT iT!?

HiT iT! is an interactive obstacle parcours. HiT iT! Arenas are designed with events various that create challenge, excitement, competition and entertainment

Before the game starts each player gets an RFID bracelet to register. When all players are registered, the game will start. The goal is to hit as many targets as possible in the pre-set time. Players earn points by hitting the targets with their bracelet. The targets which are difficult to find or reach give more points than the targets that are easy to find.

Who will be the winner? The fastest player who climbs through all events or the tactical player who takes the difficult challenging course. When the game is over, the scores are automatically displayed on the scoreboard. This way, the players immediately see who the winner is.

HiT iT arenas with various events

HiT iT! locations

The HiT iT! arenas are a popular attraction for sport venues, family entertainment centres and playgrounds. It is a great group activity that is suitable for different age categories. The events offer different challenges: Elude Elevation is great for climbers, Zig Zag is for fast players, Quadruple Drill is for tactical players and Ballz and Reflect Refract are events to have fun!

Why would you choose our HiT iT! event?

Leisure entrepreneurs are excited about the new interactive arenas of ELI Play! It provides more than just fun. The arenas offer challenge, excitement and competition. It is innovative and perfect for group activities. A great experience fun for various age groups. People who have played HiT iT, will come back to improve their score or beat their friends’ score.

Add HiT iT! To your leisure location!

Would you like to receive more information about HiT iT!? Contact our sales team via or +31(0)411 745 300. They will give you more information about the arenas, events and possibilities.

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