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Q&A: How do I promote my indoor playground or trampoline park and attract more visitors?

Attract as many customers as possible. Whether you are a starting or seasoned leisure entrepreneur, promoting your park is and remains important. But how do you do it? The Marketing & Communications department of ELI Play (supplier and producer of playground equipment and trampoline parks, among other things), shares the best tips to permanently boost your visitor numbers.

What is the first step if I want to attract more visitors?

In order to attract as many customers as possible, it is important that you invest time and money in the promotion of your park. "Creating brand awareness is extremely important." As an entrepreneur, you have to make the right efforts to bring your park permanently to the attention of your target groups. In addition, you need to consider how you want to come across and what message you need to spread to achieve this.

"Brand awareness is in the smallest things. It's about the total concept that you put together with your leisure business. Which colours do you use for the promotional material and on your website? How do you design the restaurant? Do you only serve fries or luxurious sandwiches? Do you want to take a high-end position in the market or do you want to be accessible to everyone? ”

In making all these decisions, it’s crucial that you think from the perspective of your target group(s). For indoor playgrounds these are mainly parents and children. Trampoline parks and sports such as the Ninja Course are also frequently visited by young people. All target groups have specific needs and preferences and you will have to reach them with different marketing tools.

Which online marketing tools can I use best for the different target groups?

"For parents, a good website is a must. Also use social media. Social channels are a great way to create brand experience. "Which social media you can use best depends on the target group you want to reach. Research shows that young people are mainly active on Instagram and YouTube, parents are mainly found on Facebook.

What kind of content do I share online?

“It is extremely important to convey the experience and experience to future customers. Show your target group why your park is attractive. Take good photos and a good video so people can see what they can expect right away. "By sharing visual content, you can optimally appeal to the imagination of your target group(s). People already see themselves climbing on your playground equipment or jumping on your trampolines, which brings the step to actually visiting your park a little closer.

Besides appealing to the imagination, it pays to be personal. "Let visitors share their experiences with your park on your website or leave a message on social media. This makes people feel involved and increases the chance that they will return to your park.”
Check your channels every day, respond to users' comments, ensure good content planning and post new messages at least five times a week. "That may seem a lot, but because of the algorithms of platforms like Facebook and Instagram, not every message will reach your target group. You should also take into account differences in online behaviour. Mothers on their way to work check social media in the morning on the train. But at ten past eight you are not going to reach young people yet. These are mainly online in the afternoon and evening. ”

The content you share should strengthen your brand awareness. Focus on the points that make your park stand out. "An indoor playground can create an attractive Facebook message for parents when they include a high tea offer. A trampoline park can share videos of great stunts; they do well with young people and are often shared online." To draw extra attention to your messages, you can also advertise online. The best way to do this is to call in an agency that specialises in this area.

What about offline promotion? Have we moved on from that?

"Certainly not! Offline advertising in the region, for example by placing ads in local and regional newspapers, is still worthwhile. Just like placing flyers at interesting places within a radius of 10 to 15 kilometres from your park. "You can think of places such as kindergartens, holiday parks, group accommodations and tourist offices.

Playful promotions also do well. "Make sure there is a buzz around your park. Starting entrepreneurs can, for example, devise a fun opening campaign that is attractive to their target group. Make sure that young people have an influential vlogger with whom they can jump trampolines and make a selfie. Young children love mascots from regional sports clubs and living fairy-tale and cartoon characters. Have these characters hand out flyers in shopping malls to promote your park.

As an entrepreneur, it is also interesting to organise theme days, children's parties and special promotions during (public) holidays. This way you always have a new offer for your target group, and you give them a good and attractive reason to visit your park.

"The most important thing for promoting your leisure business however, is good customer experience.” Make sure that people feel 'at home' in your park, then they'd love to come back. Satisfied and committed customers change into fans over time. And those are the best ambassadors your park can wish for.”

Need advice?

ELI Play is happy to support you in the promotion of your indoor trampoline park or indoor playground. In our online magazine Ins & Outs you’ll find articles and interviews full of inspiration to achieve as much success with your leisure business as possible. In addition, our marketing department is always there for you with tips and tricks. Call us on + 31 (0) 411 745 300 or send an e-mail to

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