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The advantages of a kids play area in your organization

Visiting a restaurant or DIY store with children is sometimes quite a challenge. Before you know it, they'll be playing with a large number of screws and nails, or they'll stumble over a toy that's laying around for the umpteenth time. ELI Play offers the solution: a kids corner on location. Read below about the possibilities for your company.

Child-friendly restaurants

For children, an evening out for dinner is often too long. First, they have to wait for the food to arrive, then it will take an eternity before everyone is ready. And we all know that kids decide where to eat next time. Time for a kids corner! You can create a kids corner or kids attic that is suitable for children of different ages so that the parents can enjoy a quiet and extensive dinner. A win-win situation for everyone!

DIY store

Customers often visit DYI stores with children, which can be quite a hassle. Parents are regularly looking for specific parts and are happy to be advised by employees. When the children have fun in the kids play area, you have plenty of time to talk to customers in a good and quiet manner.

Unique kids corners ELI Play

Garden centres

Create an experience during a day of shopping. When the attention of the youngest visitors is drawn to a playing structure, there is more peace and quiet for employees and customers. This allows parents to be inspired by the wide range of products in your shop and employees have time to help customers. The parents pick up the children when their cart is filled.

Themed and custom-made

A kids corner can perfectly match the style of your restaurant or garden centre. If you have a pizza place, we can develop the kids play area in Italian style. For a garden centre, the jungle theme is more suitable. Our kids corners are made to measure. If you have a suitable area, ELI Play will provide a good structure.

Are you ready to set up your own kids corner?

Please contact our sales department, we are happy to help you. Send an email to or call +31(0)411 745 300.

Want to get some inspiration for a kids play area? Take a look at our range of indoor playground equipment!

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