Kiddy Dome a unique leisure park of 6.000 m²

Family Entertainment Center Kiddy Dome consists of a total area of 6,000 m². Children can enjoy themselves for hours in the play structure and at the trampoline area.

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Jungle play structure

The playground of Kiddy Dome is a real adventure for children. The playground consists of several floors, children can climb for hours in the play structures. You can find a few unique elements in this park: a cool Climbing Volcano, a Power Tower with two slides and the longest Donut Glider! This slide is 60 metres long.

Trampoline park

In addition to the playground, we have installed a trampoline park: Jumping Dome. In this trampoline park a Jump Arena, ValoJump, Ninja Course and Jump Tower are integrated. Trampoline parks are really popular: children have fun and and can use up all their energy.

Trampoline park Jumping Dome
Trampoline park Jumping Dome

Children's parties

A FEC is ideal for celebrating children's parties. Kiddy Dome is a real experience and offers children various activities. Besides that, a special lounge has been created for parents, where they can relax, have coffee, eat some snacks and they have a view of the playground and the trampoline park.

Do you want to know more about Kiddy Dome?

Read the interview with Dustin Schaber, CEO Kiddy Dome, in our Ins & Outs magazine. He describes how Kiddy Dome was originated, the unique points of the playground and how to create fans.

Indoor playground Kiddy Dome
Play structure installed by ELI Play
Indoor playground Kiddy Dome
Indoor playground Kiddy Dome

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