Cage Ball, a competitive addition to parks

The Cage Ball offers challenge and fun for all visitors. It requires endurance, strength and flexibility. Fanatical jumpers challenge each other and try to throw the ball through the hole of the opponents. The aim is to respond to the opponent's behaviour so that you don't let any ball through. The person who gets the most points is the winner of the game.


The Cage Ball consists of two separate trampolines and is separated in the middle by means of a net. The Cage Ball is equipped with nets, so that it forms an enclosed space in the park. The measurement of the Cage Ball is 6 x 3 meters.


The Cage Ball can be incorporated into the structure or placed as a freestanding attraction.


Cage Ball must be played with a soft ball. The Cage Ball is closed with nets, so the players can jump without being interrupted. This also ensures that the ball stays in the space and cannot be thrown through the park.


The Cage Ball requires regular maintenance. The jumping surfaces, padding and springs must be checked regularly for damage and cracks. In addition, regular checks must be carried out to ensure that the nets are still securely attached.

More information on the Cage Ball

If you want to find out whether the Cage Ball is a suitable attraction for your trampoline park, or you if you wish to explore the possibilities, please contact our sales department.

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  • Up to 2 jumpers at a time on the Cage Ball
  • The standard Cage ball is 6 x 3 metres
  • Vinyl available in 16 colours
  • Soft ball not included with the Cage Ball
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