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How will a trampoline park fit within a space?

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What will your trampoline park look like?

An entrepreneur has found the perfect location for their trampoline park. What will that park look like, though? What will fit and what won’t?

Trampoline parks are popular. The designers at ELI Play get assignments from all over the world. The team is currently working on a project in Egypt and other parks in the provinces of Limburg and Brabant and in Germany are in the early stages of design. One park will be even more thrilling than the next. After all, entrepreneurs want happy visitors who come back often.

Details make all the difference

ELI Play’s design department in Boxtel is staffed by a team of eight designers. In order to create a proper architectural design, they need detailed information about the site.

  • A floorplan of the space;
  • Photos of the walls;
  • The building’s height and width;
  • Photos of the interior and exterior of the site;
  • The locations of the seating area, the toilets, the dressing rooms, the entrance and exit and other facilities;
  • What events would the entrepreneur like to host and where?
  • What colour scheme should be used? Does the park have a theme?

Three-dimensional design

ELI Play’s account manager makes sure that the designers get all the information they require. Once everything is in, the real work begins. Based on preferences, dimensions and possibilities, a designer will create a 3D model of the park. The entrepreneur can see exactly what their park will look like: the colours, the structure, the looks. He can see how the equipment fits within the space and learns about the capacity and utilisation rates. Naturally, he is also quoted a price for the custom park design. Although the designers keep the entrepreneur’s wishes in mind, they also try to surprise him with fun ideas and useful additions.


During the evaluation of the design, every single detail is discussed. The entrepreneur can have their say about everything from the colours to the design and the various elements included in the park. They may want to switch two components or add a Ninja Course. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Once the design and the price have been approved, the designers will create a more detailed version of the 3D model. The account manager uses the final design of the park for the signing of the contract with the client and in the briefing for the production team tasked with actually building the park.

The final stage

The ELI Play team prepares for the production process. The blueprints are drawn up with millimetre accuracy and contain all the details necessary for the manufacture and installation of the equipment. Attention to detail is vital during this stage.

There are no surprises for the entrepreneurs who work together with ELI Play’s team during the time leading up to the park’s grand opening – except for how quickly they can get started!

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