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Spectacular expansion trampoline park O’Jump Elancourt

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Ninja Parcours increasingly becoming part of trampoline parks

The supply and size of trampoline parks is increasing rapidly. Also in France, where the entrepreneurs behind O' Jump achieve growth by continuing to innovate. Together with ELI Play, they developed a challenging Ninja Parcours.

At the end of 2016, ELI Play installed a trampoline park in Élancourt in France with an area of 1,000 square metres. Less than a year later O' Jump is so successful that the park will be expanded with a Ninja Parcours of 140 square metres. According to this entrepreneur, investing is the only solution to stay ahead of the fierce competition.

More recurring visits

Practice proves that choosing O' Jump was the right thing to do. Since the autumn of 2017, the Ninja Parcours has been open to visitors; they love it and go for the new challenge en masse. Thanks to the Ninja Parcours, O' Jump not only sees previous visitors come back regularly; a new target group also finds its way to the trampoline park. The rapid growth of O' Jump is proof for what we increasingly hear from entrepreneurs in the leisure sector: innovation makes a difference in the current market.

The course

Strength and stamina are central to the new course. You get the feeling you’re participating in American Ninja Warrior as you climb through it. All the muscles in your body are challenged. Teenagers and adults have clearly found an additional challenge in the park.

Big Bounce

ELI Play not only sees at trend towards expansions with a Ninja Parcours and Freerun activities at O’Jump: anyone who enriches their trampoline park with these activities will see more and more visitors. At ELI Play we are therefore already working on the next step in the development of trampoline and sports parks: the extremely exciting ‘Big Bounce’ course of the German television programme of the same name is currently being prepared for production. Again an exclusive attraction for ELI Play customers!

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