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The Netherlands, leisure country

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Adventure is out there!

The Netherlands is increasingly becoming a true ‘leisure country’. But this is not just happening in leisure; in retail more investments are quickly being made in food and experience concepts.

Offering a special experience, or giving an everyday experience something extra, something emotional is becoming increasingly important for consumers. Entrepreneurs in leisure are accustomed to responding to this situation like no other. But more and more often we also see entrepreneurs in retail adding experience and spectacle to their store concepts.

Experience in supermarkets

Competition among retailers is fierce. Supermarkets, department stores and fashion stores are increasingly investing in food and experience concepts. ELI Play is receiving more requests from supermarkets such as Jumbo and EMTÉ for an indoor experience concept. We don't make things easy for ourselves: play structures are developed entirely tailor-made within the concept of these supermarkets.


Retailers have to get used to the idea of investing in an ELI Play indoor playground. They are used to an extremely short life cycle of other concepts within their stores, a play structure could make a difference for many years. Let’s be clear, consumer trends follow each other very quickly: what works today could be finished tomorrow. It is a reassuring thought for entrepreneurs that ELI Play's products have been proving for years that things can be done differently. Children will ‘force’ their parents to drive to a store where one of our play structures is located!

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