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Maintenance of playground equipment and trampoline parks down to the smallest details

The Netherlands, leisure country

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ELI Play Service

For the ELI Play team, maintenance means paying attention to all the details of trampoline parks and indoor playing structures. About 30 years ago, founder Eric Verstappen started his success story precisely with those details: his method for cleaning the balls in the ball pool, which is so popular with children, is still effective today.

Today ELI Play is an international company known for its reliable trampoline parks and indoor play structures. The high quality of in-house production has everything to do with this, but aftercare and service are also a crucial part.

Innovation does not stop at delivery

Under the leadership of specialist Stan, the ELI Play Service department has recently been added to the activities. As a result, the company's many innovations are translated even more into appropriate aftercare and maintenance. Stan: "Innovation is central, but we also cherish our past. Cleaning the ball pools is still a daily task for the team of maintenance engineers. The maintenance team is currently focusing on the Dutch market, but the plans do not stop there: the international markets will also soon be able to benefit from ELI Play's services.

Maintenance indoor playground, ELI Play Service
Maintenance indoor playground, ELI Play Service


Marketing and Communication Manager at ELI Play: "We have been supplying indoor playground equipment and trampoline parks for many years and expressly opt for long-term relationships with ‘our’ entrepreneurial customers. We want to completely unburden our customers and work with them to ensure that they are commercially successful in a sustainable way. This includes maintenance and repair work in accordance with our high quality standards.”

Maintenance contracts

Stan: “In addition to standard maintenance work and ball pool cleaning, our customers can also choose for the safety of a maintenance contract. We then stop by periodically for preventive checks on the play structure. If additional work is required, it will be scheduled in good time. Tailor-made solutions are central to this - we discuss the requirements for a maintenance contract with each customer separately.”

Do you want to know what ELI Play can do for you on a regular basis?
Call our service department via +31(0) 411 745 300, they will be happy to assist you further.

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