HiT iT! at Vakantiepark Bergumermeer

The holiday park located on the beautiful Bergumermeer in Friesland is expanding with a HiT iT! Arena. An activity especially for teenagers and adults at the park.

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Interactive HiT iT! Arena

The HiT iT! Arena provides challenge, excitement, competition and entertainment! It is an interactive obstacle course where players search for targets. Players scan the targets with their HiT iT! wristband to earn points. The game is to collect as many points as possible and beat the other players.

Individual players and groups

The game can be played by individual players and groups as well. Each player gets an RFID wristband to register. Then the game starts and they have to climb, clamber, jump, and pass obstacles to find the targets. Some targets are easy to find and others are more difficult. The targets which are difficult to find or reach give more points. After 20 minutes, playtime is over and it is time to compare scores on the scoreboard. On this you can check the daily, monthly and all-time high scores.

HiT iT! Arena Bergumermeer

The large HiT iT! Arena at Bergumermeer Holiday Park has a total area of 400m². 52 Targets are divided into eight different events. The largest event is the Quadruple Drill, where players can climb up via all four sides using the nets, tube, climbing wall, or slope. The game is not all about strength, other events are just great fun! Like the Jump Jigs, where you jump on the trampolines, or the Bubble Trouble, where you dive into the ball pit.

Teenagers and adults

The holiday park includes a beach, swimming pool, mini golf, playground and petting zoo. This game is built especially for the target group of teenagers and adults. A 20-minute game in which they use all their energy to win. HiT iT! is a combination of sport, competition and fun. The perfect activity!

HiT iT! manufacturer ELI Play

The HiT iT! Arena is popular! ELI Play offers the game in two variants: HiT iT! for kids for playgrounds and the HiT iT! Arena for trampoline parks and Family Entertainment Centers. Curious if this is something for your venue? Contact us on +31(0)411 745 300 or info@eliplay.com and we will be happy to show you how it works.

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