Indoor playground at Resort Arcen

ELI Play has created a new indoor playground at a holiday park in Limburg, the south of the Netherlands. Resort Arcen is a great family park!

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Indoor playground at a holiday park

The holiday or a weekend break is the time for families to spend some time together, have fun and relax. The activities and entertainment a holiday park offers to her guests can make a holiday or weekend break unforgettable. They always say: Resort Arcen turns every stay into a festival!

The advantage of an indoor playground at a holiday park is that it is open during all seasons and does not depend on weather conditions. In spring holidays, summer holidays, and even during the Christmas holidays, an indoor playground is the perfect activity for families with young children.

Jungle play structure Resort Arcen

At Resort Arcen, we installed an indoor playground in the main building. In the octagonal hall, we created a jungle play paradise. The play structure was designed in a way that the entire available play area is used and the hall is still accessible to walk through to other areas.

The jungle playground consists of three floors where you can climb up via different routes. On their way to the top, children come across obstacles that they have to crawl under or jump over. In addition, there are rope bridges and a slide integrated in the play structure. To finalize this project, we added wooden panels and green leaves. This 3D theming creates a cool jungle experience!

Create your own 3D themed playground

Are you looking for inspiration for your own playground, kids corner or family entertainment center? Check out the wide range of playground equipment on our website or download the catalog.

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