Are you looking for an exciting and challenging attraction for your playground or Family Entertainment Center? Discover the possibilities of our High Rope Course. High Rope Courses are a popular attraction in the leisure industry.

Custom-made adventure rope course

We offer an adventure High Rope Course that is accessible to all visitors. They have to climb over the various rope bridges and pass the obstacles. Our Indoor Rope Courses are tailor-made for each location, which allows us to make optimal use of the available space. We create viewing points in the rope course, where children have a view over the entire playground or FEC and can take a moment to wave to their parents.

Upgrade your playground or FEC

It is possible to add a high rope course to your existing playground or FEC. This gives a new dimension to your park. A climbing park above the play structure is an efficient way to boost your playground without having to expand.

Interested in a high rope course?

For more information and the possibilities of our High Rope Courses, please contact our sales team at or +31(0) 411 745 300.


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