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Indoor playground Kabonk offers hours of fun!

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The highest indoor playground in Europe

The highest indoor playground in Europe

In March, Indoor playground Kabonk will open at the event location Breepark in Breda. Kabonk is a playground that consists of seven floors with various playground equipment. Anneke Stins, commercial director of Breepark and Kabonk, Pascal de Pon and Bart Verwijmeren, management of Kabonk and Pannenkoekwaus, share the story of how this gigantic indoor playground was created.

From just an idea at the kitchen table to event complex

The dream of Breepark began at the kitchen table of Henry Martens, general manager and initiator of Breepark, and his wife, where the idea for the ultimate hospitality concept was born. This concept certainly included a children’s play area. Due to the longer duration of the development of the event complex, the concept of the playground was adjusted and adapted, but the wish to open an indoor playground in Breepark remained.

Why did you choose to start an indoor playground?

There is already a leisure area in the event complex with a bowling alley, laser game and escape rooms. In order to ensure that all parties in Breepark can run a successful turnover, it is important to establish unique parties at the leisure area.

In addition, we see this as the most important thing, an indoor playground is timeless. It is not a trend, but a function. Parents, caretakers, grandparents, primary schools and companies are and always will be looking for opportunities for leisure activities. We think that the longevity of an indoor playground is much greater than other activities.

Rope bridge Kabonk

An indoor playground is timeless. It is not a trend, but a function.


What makes Breepark the perfect location for an indoor playground?

There are a number of different factors that make Breepark the perfect location. The practical aspects such as the location and accessibility, the large catchment area between Utrecht, Rotterdam and Den Bosch and free parking. This and the opportunities we can offer together with other parties at Breepark provide a perfect location for a playground!

You can all go to Kabonk and eat a delicious pizza at Happy Italy or eat a menu at restaurant De Beren afterwards. Or play at Kabonk and eat a pancake at the Pancake restaurant Pannenkoekwaus. The possibilities are endless for a children's party, school trip or business activities like company outings and team building days!

Play equipment supplier ELI Play

Kabonk is a big challenge for a supplier because of the height and surface of the playground. ELI Play has managed to combine and develop the play equipment in such a way that there is enough challenge to give both the little ones an unforgettable afternoon, and to challenge the older children and adults to discover the play events. In addition, ELI Play has installed play equipment on all floors to create the maximum play value.

We are proud of our collaboration with ELI Play, of which we can certainly say that we have created a new and unique concept together.

Seven floors with play equipment for all ages

Unique playground

Kabonk is unique in the Benelux. As the highest playground in Europe, we have no less than seven amazing floors full of challenging playground equipment. Each floor has its own style, allowing children to explore. Kabonk is a place where you can experience adventures alone or together with friends without worries, and challenge yourself and each other. Each child is free to explore the world around them at their own pace. Kabonk is the place where you can and may!

We are going to make Kabonk, within the world of playgrounds, the ultimate destination. A place where children and (grand)parents can play, relax, rest, and look around at all the beautiful and cool things in the playground!

Pascal and Bart

Popular playground equipment

Kabonk has so much to offer. We think that the large play structure will be the most popular, as visitors can climb and clamber to different floors and slide down the 20 meter high slides! But also the ValoJump, an interactive game on the trampoline, and the assault course with timer system where two players can compete against each other will be popular among young and older visitors.

Why will visitors choose playground Kabonk?

It is not an average play paradise. Not only do we make sure that children want to come back because of all the cool play equipment, (grand)parents will also enjoy themselves at Kabonk. They will enjoy a good cup of coffee and a piece of apple pie, knowing that the children will enjoy themselves!

Visitors will mainly come from the region of Breda, but Breda as a central location in the Benelux is easily accessible from Belgium.

Kabonk is located along the highway, so it is also easy to reach for children's parties and school trips coming from cities like Rotterdam and Eindhoven.

Indoor playground Kabonk offers hours of fun! There is so much to experience and discover, children will keep coming back with friends to play.

Pascal and Bart

Play structure installed by ELI Play

The biggest challenge

The challenge of Kabonk is the diversity of playground equipment, the number of floors and the capacity of Kabonk. Kabonk is part of the event complex of Breepark. So, it is also a challenge to combine the other kidsentertainment in the event hall with playing at Kabonk.

1,500 visitors

Next to the playground in Kabonk, we open a pancake restaurant. Pancake restaurant Pannenkoekwaus will open at the same time. The restaurant has 100 seats inside, the terrace will be created later. Kabonk has a capacity of 1,500 visitors at the same time.

Is the total concept of Breepark finished?

We are now completing the last major part of Breepark with Kabonk. Kabonk together with the adjacent pancake restaurant Pannenkoekwaus, was an important part that other operators were also looking forward to!

Challenging assault course and rope course

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