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How to maintain a trampoline park?

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5 tips for maintaining your trampoline park

Jumping on trampolines is becoming increasingly popular, trampoline parks are becoming bigger and new elements are being developed. Due to the increased popularity and usage, it is important to maintain a trampoline park properly. By regularly checking the structure and carrying out maintenance, the equipment will remain in good condition, which ensures a fun and safe environment for your visitors. In this article, we share some important tips for maintaining your trampoline park.

1. Daily check

Before opening the park every morning, it is necessary to carry out inspection routines by checking the general condition and cleanness of the park.

  • Take a look underneath the structure to check if there are broken springs. Broken springs must immediately replaced by new springs.
  • Check the condition of the jump sheets. If a jump sheet contains scratches or cracks, replace this sheet as soon as possible.
  • Check the paddings, are the springs covered by the protection?
  • Check the zippers/emergency exits.
  • Make sure that there are no lost items, such as keys or hairpins, that could possibly damage your park.

2. Checklist

Using a checklist helps you to ensure that none of be above mentioned points will forgotten. ELI Play provides comprehensive maintenance manuals and checklists with all its installed parks. A daily, weekly, monthly and half yearly checklist. By using a checklist, you help your staff to carry out checks and repairs for the safety of the equipment. This way, you know that the equipment has been checked regularly and damage can be noticed immediately.

3. Cleaning trampoline park

It is important to keep your trampoline park clean. A vacuum cleaner can be used to keep the surface on top and underneath the platform and trampolines clean. The upper surface can be cleaned by using a damp cloth in combination with a mild disinfectant detergent. Cleaning the park gives you the opportunity to remove lost items from the park.

4. Cleaning Foam Pit

The Foam Pit in trampoline parks is often used intensively. It is important to ensure that the foam pit is cleaned regularly. For a thorough cleaning, all foam blocks should be taken out of the pit as a first step. When the foam pit is empty, this offers the possibility to clean the entire surface and check the conditions of the jump sheet and springs. For the safety of visitors, the foam blocks which are damaged must be replaced by new foam blocks. New foam pit blocks can easily be ordered at ELI Play. The last step is to refill the foam pit with all blocks. Make sure that the foam pit is filled to the minimum height and the blocks are evenly distributed.

5. Checking nets in your trampoline park

Check the netting on damages, tearing and ductility. If the rope with which the net is fastened is loose, tie the net again. If you find broken nets in your park, it is necessary to repair them immediately with strong non-slip knots.

Damages and spare parts for your trampoline park

Do you have damage in your park that could endanger you visitors? If this is the case, close the attraction immediately. The safety of visitors is always given priority.
Are their worn springs in your trampoline park, do you see damage on the jump sheets or are you looking for other parts for your trampoline park? To order spare parts, please contact us via

Questions or more information?

Do you have any other questions regarding your trampoline park? Please contact us, we are happy to help you.

You will find more information about our trampoline park equipment on the product page: trampoline park equipment.

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