Indoor Playground Camping de Paal Bergeijk

A large indoor playground with many slides and various play equipment. It is a fantastic innovation at Camping de Paal in Bergeijk.

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Playground with six slides!

ELI Play installed a large play structure with six slides and four floors at this campsite! The play structure consists of various parts connected by rope bridges. Eye-catching is the slide area in this playground where you find a large wave slide where four people can slide down side by side, and right next to it is a tube slide where children can slide down at full speed. In addition, two spiral slides are installed, which children reach by climbing over various ramps and bridges and crawling over obstacles and events they come across on the way up.

Another popular attraction in the playground is the Roller Run. A track with rollers, from which children slide with a small sledge. The last attraction that cannot be missed in a typical ELI playground is the Power Tower, the 6-level climbing tower made of elastic straps.

Indoor playground with ValoArena

This playground has one of the newest interactive products in the leisure industry: the Valo Arena! The Valo Arena is a mixed reality game that gives a unique twist on interactive play. Players enter the Arena and can easily select a game themselves without the need for headsets or controllers. They are continuously moving during the games, for example by running to safe spots in the game ‘Groundfall - the floor is lava’ or beating the flying beach toys by smacking them in the game 'Toywatch Island'.

Toddler area

A separate toddler zone has been specially designed for the youngest visitors. It consists of a small play structure with bridges, tubes, obstacles and slides where they can climb and clamber around. Besides that, there is plenty of space where the little ones can play with soft play elements.

Ideas for starting your own playground?

Would you also like to add an indoor playground to your campsite or holiday park? Or do you have another location where you would like to build a play structure? Check out our wide range of playground equipment on our website or request our catalog. For questions, you can always contact us via +31(0)411 745 300 of

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