HiT iT! Arena at Picardia Games Park

Picardia Games Park is a leisure park of 7,000 m² near Amiens in France. There are several activities to do at this park, including the interactive HiT iT! Arena from ELI Play, but also bowling, karting, climbing and karaoke.

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Interactive HiT iT! Arena

The HiT iT! Arena at Picardia is one of the larger arenas we have installed, the playing area no less than 525 m². It is an obstacle course that consists of different climbing events. Players use their RFID wristband to earn points by scanning the targets in the events. They have to climb up on walls, balls, tubes and nets or jump on the trampoline to scan the targets as fast as possible.

Target group teenagers and adults

Picardia Games Park's target audience is teenagers and adults. The ideal location for birthday parties, team outings, family outings and bachelor parties. So, the HiT iT! game fits perfectly in this park. It is a unique and popular attraction and it offers challenge for players of all ages. Players compete with each other to get the highest score! A game combining sport and fun.

The HiT iT! Arena consists of the following events : Road to victory, Ballz, Zig Zag, Rope Rumble, T-Tandrum, Elude Elevation, Jump Jigs, Slope Rope, Cargo Crisis, Bubble Trouble and a XL Parkour.

Would you also add a HiT iT! Arena to your family park?

You can find the HiT iT! game on different locations all over the world. In the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, France, Kosovo, Belgium and Poland. Check all information about the HiT iT! Arena and HiT iT! for kids on our website or download the catalog.

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