5 Sens park – Caurel

This new and colorful indoor playground offers fun for visitors of all ages! A few kilometers from Reims you will find the 5 Sens park in Caurel. This park includes a large play structure, toddler zone and interactive HiT iT! arena.

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Indoor playground with kart track and sports field

There is plenty to do at the indoor playground! The large play structure consists of three floors with different events.

On the ground floor, a large kart track has been created, suitable for mini karts. Kids love racing around! Furthermore, there are climbing obstacles installed between the floors to move around, such as ramps and web decks. In the play structure, children have to climb over pyramids, move through the rollers, stay balanced on the balance beam and jump over jumper balls to discover the next area of the playground.

A Multi-Sport is installed in the center of the structure with two goals and two baskets, allowing players to play a game of football or basketball. A popular attraction in leisure parks. In addition, there is a large ball pit, a rope bridge and a large slide to go down from the highest level.

HiT iT! Arena 5 Sens Park

Those who think an indoor playground is only for young children are wrong! At 5 Sens park there is an interactive HiT iT! Arena that offers challenges for both children and adults. The aim is to earn as many points as possible by scanning the targets. Players have to climb through the elastic levels of the climbing tower, climb on the balls and jump on the trampolines. It is an international success and 5 Sens is the third park in France with a HiT iT! Arena.

Toddler zone for 0 to 3-year-olds

Discover the world while playing! That is possible in the toddler zone created for the youngest visitors aged 0 to 3. This contains a small play structure with a slide, ball pit and various soft play elements.

Starting your own indoor playground?

Do you have plans to start your own indoor playground? We would be happy to help you create a unique park. Take a look at our wide range of playground equipment on our website and do not hesitate to contact us via info@eliplay.com or +31(0) 411 745 300.

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