Indoor kidscorner, Praxis home improvement centre Groningen, The Netherlands

Just when you're about to hang up the new curtains, you realise you've run out of plugs. You need to make a trip to the home improvement centre, but the children are at home. Well, they won't say no to a trip to the Praxis home improvement centre in Groningen.

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Praxis home improvement center chooses a indoor Kidscorner!

The Dutch Praxis home improvement chain's marketing concept is focusing on the makers. These crafty DIY specialists have children too. By nature, a home improvement centre is no place for children. Parents need to be constantly vigilant, making sure their children don't run around the store with dangerous tools. This distracts from shopping, and the store loses turnover profits.

At Praxis Groningen, they've turned this challenge into an opportunity. The owners have created a play structure inside the store. DIY’ers can take their time gathering the required materials, while their children safely play and climb on the ELI Play play devices. The result: relaxed parents and children who are eager to return to Praxis next time.

The turnover figures show a clear improvement: parents shop more when their children are being entertained. The number of impulsive purchases showed a marked improvement after the installation of the play structure.

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