Suniland Vela, Venezuela

After the success of Suniland in Caracas, the owner opened a new park at a different location, in Vela, Venezuela. The visitors in this park are immersed in the atmosphere of the Wild West.

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Shopping malls and Indoor Playground, a successful combination!

After the success of Suniland Caracas, the owner decided to expand his operations further. He opened a new branch in Vela, and others in La Boyera and Valencia. The combination of an indoor playground and a shopping centre is a roaring success in Venezuela.

The playground in Vela, like the one in Caracas, is fully thematised. The playground in Vela is based on a western theme, allowing children to live the tough life of a cowboy or cowgirl. The wooden themed structures, including a water tower and printed canvasses, offer a complete storyline. The playground is equipped with different activities, including a climbing tower, a so-called power tower and a soft ball experience. This allows children the safe use of air cannons to shoot at each other like true cowboys.

Suniland once again shows that a playground combined with a shopping centre is a smart and effective combination. That is why the owner is looking beyond the current four locations, and is anticipating further growth, with ELI Play as his supplier.

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