Ice rink transferred into trampoline park

Previously, the location of JumpSquare Kortrijk was a skating rink. This building is transferred into a great trampoline park of more than 1800 m². This trampolinepark offers jumping fun for all visitors.

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Trampoline zones

JumpSquare Kortrijk consists of various zones with different types of trampoline equipment. From the age of 7, children are welcome to jump. What could be more fun than playing a dodgeball game with friends, classmates or colleagues in a trampoline park? A fun and physical activity for groups that that involves a lot of competition. Jumpsquare Kortrijk also offers other multi-player games such as the baskets, twister and battle beams.

Extreme zone and Performance zone

The daredevils who are looking for more extreme challenges can enter the Ninja course, Stunt zone or Performance zone. In the Ninja course are eight different activities integrated. To get through this course without falling you have to possess the following factors: agility, strength and endurance. The Performance zone contains five High Performance trampolines and a Walk Wall. Use the resilience of the trampoline to walk against the wall as high as you can.

Trampoline park Jumpsquare Kortrijk
Trampoline park Jumpsquare Kortrijk

Would you like to start your own trampoline park?

Are you curious whether your building is suitable to start a trampoline park? Would you like to know which trampoline elements are popular? Do you have questions about our trampoline equipment? Read more information about our trampoline park equipment at our website or contact us.

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