Indoor plaground, Kids Wonderland Molenschot, The Netherlands

Linny and Berry look as if they've escaped from a fairy-tale. With the kids and their parents, they go on daily adventures in perhaps one of the most beautifully themed playgrounds in the Netherlands.

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Storytelling to the max at indoor playground Kids Wonderland!

Linny and Berry lead visitors around a magical world of adventures, with countless activities: a ride in a submarine on the bubble course or looming high above the rest in the wishing tree. In 2012, Linberg in Molenschot opened a playground covering 2500 square metres.

For the realisation of this playground, ELI Play entered into an exciting partnership with several parties, including GM Decors. Based on ELI Play's designs, GM Decors was able to design a 3D thematisation that completely fit the Linny and Berry storyline. The playground is equipped with a trampoline, a slide and a Power Tower. We are still proud of our creation in Kids Wonderland.

The addition of Kids Wonderland to Linberg's activity package proved a winning move. The recreational park already had the reputation of a great park, with plenty of things to do for people of all ages. The conversion of the former bowling and tennis court into an indoor playground now allows Linberg to offer entertainment on bad-weather days.

“We try to distinguish ourselves through our fairy-tale look and feel. I've invested over 500,000 euros in decorations alone in the past five years, creating a much more appealing image. Not only for the children, but also for their parents and grandparents.”

Jaap van den Berg, owner of Linberg

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