Trampoline park Jump Yard Örebro 5,200 m²

A few months ago the tenth trampoline park of the Swedish chain Jump Yard opened. They continue and ELI Play installed the eleventh Jump Yard trampoline park in Örebro.

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Interactive events in trampoline park

Jump Yard Örebro provides many interactive and competitive events. We installed a double ValoJump in this trampoline park, which allows players to play multi-player games. Furthermore, you will find the interactive SkyPods and CardioWall. The aim of these games is to hit the luminous pods as fast as you can. This game tests the players’ speed and responsiveness. The player who hits the most pods within one minute is the winner!

Multi-player games

In addition to the interactive elements that provide competition, we installed various events suitable for multi players or groups, such as the Multi-Sport Arena, Ninja Course, Baskets, Stunt Zone and Twister. The Ninja Course consists of two lanes with different obstacles over which visitors have to jump, climb, hang or swing. To make the Ninja Course more challenging, a timer system has been installed. This way, two players can enter the course at the same time an try to achieve the fastest time.

Trampoline park for visitors of all ages

Trampoline park Jump Yard Örebro is suitable for visitors of all ages. The youngest visitors jump on the Jump arena and try to jump over the obstacles or play a game on the ValoJump trampolines. The jumpers who are looking for more excitement jump from the Jump Tower or Waterfall trampolines in the Foam Pit or complete the Ninja Course. For the advanced jumpers the High Performance trampolines are the perfect spot to practice stunts. Every visitor has fun on the different jump events in this trampoline park!

Open your own trampoline park!

Would you like to open your own trampoline park? We are happy to help you to create the perfect combination of trampoline and sports equipment for your leisure park. For more information or questions, contact our sales team via or +31(0)411 745 300.

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