Trampolinepark Jump Yard Skövde

The ninth Jump Yard trampoline park is opened in Skövde! Indoor trampoline parks are highly popular and continue to grow because they appeal to all ages through the combination of attractions

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Variety of trampoline equipment

This trampoline park in Skövde offers a huge variety of sports and jump events. The promise of Jump Yard is ‘More than a trampoline park’. They certainly live up to that! Because of the diversity of events they attract a wide audience. In this park you will find a Jump Tower, from which jumpers jump off and land in the Foam Pit. Our popular Twister event is an eye-catcher in this park and offers challenge for all age groups. From the smallest children to free runners, every visitor wants to try this. In addition, the park has a ValoJump, Battle Beams, Rolling Barrel, Baskets, Tumbling Lane, Waterfall trampoline, Multi-Sport Arena and High Performance trampolines.

Bungee trampoline

One of the new and incredible attractions: Bungee trampoline! The jumpers are placed in a harness and they make exceptionally high jumps by using the elastics. It is important to add surprising or innovative events in a park to keep attracting new visitors.

Ninja Course, Warped Walls and Timer System

At Jump Yard it is all about the combination of play, movement and fun! The exciting and challenging Ninja Course fits perfectly within this concept. The Ninja Course contains almost all elements such as the Cat-to-Cat that you have to jump over, nets that you have to climb through, rings that you use to climb to the other side and rollers that you cross while they are spinning. Complete this course as quickly as possible without falling. Players start by pressing the timer button, run through the Ninja Course and finish on one of the Warped Walls (high, medium or triangle Warped Wall), where they press the finish button to stop the time. Players can see their recorded time on a large screen.

Start your own trampoline park

Would you like to build your own trampoline park or expand your trampoline park? Check out our wide range of play equipment, trampoline events and sports courses. Feel free to send an email with your request or questions to or call +31(0)411 745 300.

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