Trampoline park Jump XL Ede by Boaz

A new Jump XL trampoline park of more than 1,200m² opened in Ede, The Netherlands. This innovative trampoline park offers challenge, fun, entertainment.

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Challenging trampoline park

The combination of events in this trampoline park provides entertainment for all visitors! A Twister is installed in the centre of this park. This is the perfect attraction for groups! Next to the Twister, you will find the Main Jump with various obstacles and a Tumbling lane. These events are perfect for practicing stunts, tricks and gymnastics. The Ninja Course with various obstacles offers challenge for visitors, just like the High Performance trampolines and the Stunt zone with a Battle Beam, Rolling Barrel and Monkey Bar. Of course also the popular ValoJump can be found in this park, every visitor wants to play a game on the ValoJump. Besides that it is a fun game to play it is also fun to watch!

New trampoline park event!

At trampoline park Jump XL Ede you will find one of our newest events: the Extreme Slide! An attraction that will give you adrenaline! ELI Play installed the first Extreme Slide at Jump XL Ede by Boaz. From this extremely high slide, visitors slide down, fly and land on the Airbag.

Starting or expanding a trampoline park?

Do you have plans to start a new trampoline park or to expand your trampoline park? Check out all our trampoline park equipment on the website or request our catalog. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities for your park.

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