Trampoline park Epic Norway

EPIC Aktiv park is the first trampoline park installed by ELI Play in Norway! This park has a total jump and play area of more than 1.200 m². Visitors of all ages will have a great time!

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Trampoline park, sports and playground equipment

Epic consists of a large trampoline area, a sport arena, a Ninja Course, a children’s play area and Mini Ninja Course! Epic offers fun for every age group.

In this trampoline park you will find many events for duos and multiple players. For example the Twister, where 8 jumpers can play at the same time. A double Jump Tower with a Foam pit on the right side and an Airbag on the left side. Play dodgeball in the interactive dodgeball area or improve your dunking skills at the baskets. Besides that, there is a stunt zone with battle beams on which two players can duel against each other.

High performance trampolines have been installed for the professional jumpers! These are combined with the WalkWall that allows jumpers to jump on the trampoline and walk vertically against the wall.

Trampoline park EPIC with Kids Ninja Course
Trampoline park with Kids Ninja Course

Trampoline park with many interactive elements!

At Epic you will find a lot of interactive elements! Step into the Jump arena and the first attraction you spot is the ValoJump, this event attracts a lot of attention and is also fun for parents and other visitors to watch. In addition, the interactive CardioWall and Skypods are installed in combination with trampolines. The Skypods are illuminated pods, that are integrated in the wall. The goal is to jump on the trampoline and hit as many pods as possible within one minute.

Interactive events trampoline park
Cardio wall and Sky Pods - trampoline park

Start your own trampoline park

Have you always been interested in starting your own trampoline park? We are a professional and experienced manufacturer of trampoline parks. All of our jump equipment is made according to the European standard in our own production facility in Boxtel (the Netherlands). Our sales team will be happy to help you. Contact us via +31(0)411 745 300 or send an email to

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